Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Virga and Fall Streaks

Virga starts as falling rain but evaporates before hitting the ground. Fall streaks occur when ice from a high cirrus cloud starts to fall to the earth but does not make it all the way. The ice disappears by changing directly from a solid to a gas state. The is called sublimation. If you want to know about the current weather click over to: This web page has links to bunches of weather sites.

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The Names of God and Feelings

Just as a table may be called a mesa in Spanish, we have many names for God. Most of these words have the similar meanings. Perhaps more importantly the idea of God is associated with feeling. Some of the feelings include: holiness, purity and knowing.

Goodness Exists

Goodness exits period. If you are not good then you suffer the consequences. Goodness comes from God, mixes with the matrix we call the mind. Another form of goodness comes from what God has made, namely the material universe. It also mixes with the matrix of the mind. From theses two types of goodness we can choose to create.

The Hierarchy of the Mind

The mind is vast and while we are on earth corresponds to the structure the physical brain. With trillions of connections, we can assume the brain is organized. With any complex structure you need a hierarchy, some type of organization that sorts the general from the specific. Thus we can assume that the mind has its hierarchy, the fundamental beliefs are at the top and details are near the bottom.

There are different hierarchies. For example, Maslow's Hierarchy provides a context of what is important, ranging from dealing with danger to the highest levels of creativity. Another hierarchy is the depth of conversation that may range from "elevator talk" to deep abstractive conversation.


The most fundamental thing is consciousness. It is the eye that experiences life. Without consciousness there would be nothing for us to know or observe.