Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Hierarchy of the Mind

The mind is vast and while we are on earth corresponds to the structure the physical brain. With trillions of connections, we can assume the brain is organized. With any complex structure you need a hierarchy, some type of organization that sorts the general from the specific. Thus we can assume that the mind has its hierarchy, the fundamental beliefs are at the top and details are near the bottom.

There are different hierarchies. For example, Maslow's Hierarchy provides a context of what is important, ranging from dealing with danger to the highest levels of creativity. Another hierarchy is the depth of conversation that may range from "elevator talk" to deep abstractive conversation.


Anonymous said...

is another way of shqoing that charkras are real ans important.

If my base chakra is out of wack then i cant expect to follow my third eye quite right. It alsohas to do with hierarchy: the bast chakra has to do with sex and felling safe and comfortable. Too much obsession over the base chakra will lead to sexual frustrations and mania of the mind because of mind body disconnect.

silky said...

great sight